1. What is “IndianVets4u” about?

– In India, the practising veterinary doctors per 1000 animals are rare in rural and urban areas compared to the developed world. It is also very difficult for animal owners or farmers to find the right specialist for their animals. IndianVets4u offers a search feature where you can search your local veterinary doctor and also a Specialist Veterinary doctor such as Dairy consultant, Poultry consultant, Pets Surgeon.

The IndianVets4u is based on two basic objectives-
   1. To find your local Veterinary doctor in your area. You can also find a specialist Vet in a specific area.
   2. You can get useful information regarding animal farming and health from the expert’s columns. For this you can refer to the “Forum” section of our website.

2. To an animal owner or animal farmer, what this website will offer?

– You can find your local Veterinary doctor on our website for seeking any animal related information. If you want to start dairy or poultry farm, you can find and get information from Dairy or Poultry consultant. IndianVet4u is also a place to get any information related with animal health or management. For this, animal owners need to ask questions directly in our forum.

3. To Veterinarians, what this website offer?

– This website offers several benefits to Veterinarians including connecting with animal farmers and owners, to promote their consultancy practise and to share knowledge with the world.

4. I am not a Vet, Can I still be part of this website?

– Yes, you can be part of this website by becoming a member so that you will receive Newsletters or any other important announcements regularly.

5. Who can create a profile on this website?

– Animal owners, farmers, animal lovers, veterinarians and everyone who is interested or related with animals.

6. To become member or to generate profile, do I need to pay?

– No. It’s Free!

7.How to create a profile?

– There are two profile categories –
1. Vets
2. Animal Owners or Farmers

Once you entered all relevant details, your profile will be created. In case any technical difficulties, please contact us.